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Skin tenderness: how to achieve it with home remedies and cosmetic procedures.


Improper nutrition - the use of sweets, carbonated drinks, flour products - contributes to the attachment of sugars to collagen and elastin molecules. This process is called glycation. The resulting cross-linked collagen is less elastic and cannot be restored. As a result, the quality of the supporting skeleton of the skin is deteriorated, which leads to the formation of wrinkles.
The use of antioxidants contributes to the restoration of perfect skin color and the prevention of aging. These substances have the ability to block the formation of free radicals. The best antioxidant fumes are found in plants. This is due to the fact that plants have to withstand severe, and often damaging, environmental influences and they must withstand these effects. Powerful natural antioxidants include, for example, blueberry extract and citrus polyphenols.

One of the most effective components for preserving youth is a fermented extract of black tea (kombucha). It acts on the skin in several directions at once - it inhibits the glycation processes in the dermis (antiglycation effect), has an antioxidant effect and evens out the surface of the skin. ”
If we are talking about active smokers with great experience, then in this case their complexion is really gray, earthy. In addition, patients with liver disease have a special yellowish complexion.
What professional procedures can help achieve beautiful skin?

To do this, we use a variety of ways:

- chemical peels;

- diamond peels;

- gas-liquid peeling Jet Peel;

- enzymatic powder;

- light scrub;

- oxygen mask.

This all helps to rid the surface of the skin of old and dull cells and give the skin a renewal.

The frequency of these procedures depends on the age and condition of the skin. If we are talking about normal healthy skin, then under the age of 30 years, our epidermis is physiologically updated in 28-30 days. The older we get, the weaker the process of keratinization and renewal of the stratum corneum. A girl from 30 years old needs to do professional care once a month, for women over 40 - twice a month. Then the skin will be able to maintain freshness for a month longer.






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